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Private Investigation Services Long Island

Long Island Private Investigators

 McCall Risk Group is a Long Island private investigation agency specializing in surveillance, investigations, and more. We are the best when it comes to professional investigations of all types, from infidelity to child custody cases and missing persons; we can handle them all.

Security And Discretion 

You can be confident that your personal information will remain confidential. In addition, your investigation will be carried out with discretion. We ensure the privacy of our clients and those we are investigating. Furthermore, all investigation tactics and surveillance equipment used are legal, and the resulting proof collected is admissible in a court of law if needed.

Investigate Anything on Long Island

We have experience investigating a myriad of cases — from missing persons to corporate espionage. We are also experts in insurance fraud and background checks.  We use various forms of investigation such as surveillance, covert investigations, asset discovery & collection, fraud detection, and financial forensics. In other words, we will conduct an investigation that helps you or your business find who is responsible.

Experience You Can Trust on Long Island

Our team has been conducting investigations for over a decade. We have the experience to handle most cases involving businesses, individuals, and relationships. In addition to experience, many members of our team are ex-law enforcement, and that means they have the training needed to conduct most types of investigations. Their insider knowledge also means that they know their way around the legal system, allowing them to collect evidence that can be used.

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Why Hire Our Private Investigator Long Island?

Long Island is home to a growing number of private investigation companies. However, not everyone has the experience or the training needed to undertake most types of investigations competently.

It is important to remember that investigations need to be conducted in a way that makes your case and helps discover what happened. The slightest mistake can taint the whole process. As investigators, and private detectives we need to be careful not to overstep any boundaries during the investigation. It is for this reason that we are referred to as one of the best private investigators in Long Island.

Here Are A Few More Reasons To Choose Us:

Licensed and bonded – The McCall Risk Group is insured, bonded, and licensed in Long Island. That means our Long Island private detective has what it takes to conduct an investigation. We have been and continue to conduct investigations for our clients every day throughout the state of New York. We help solve infidelity cases, provide surveillance services and investigate child custody cases.

Highly trained pros – Our team of specialist investigators comprises highly experienced investigators, who are both male and female of varying ethnicities. Our investigative services employ former NYPD officers, FBI, CIA, and employees of other branches of law enforcement. Having a diverse group of investigators enables us to blend in with just about any situation.

Long Island Based Private Investigator

Our goal is to help clients – Whether you want to find out if your spouse of cheating or if an employee stole valuable data, our goal is to help you. We put together an investigative team comprising the best people who are tasked with investigating the case from every angle. Our Long island private investigator works with clients to ensure that there is a consistent supply of information as needed. 

Competitively priced – Private investigations are labor-intensive, so the best private investigator isn’t cheap! Sometimes our investigators need to work over 15 hours a day to surveil or gather evidence in Long Island and nearby Suffolk County. That said, we have made sure that our services continue to be competitively priced while still proving excellent investigations.

Do you have a question about our private investigator on Long Island? Then feel free to call us today to book an appointment to discuss your case.

Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator on Long Island

Many people hire a private investigator after losing their court case. People may hire private investigators because they don’t feel that the court ruling was fair and reasonable. Others use a private investigator when they have a problem with a business partner, spouse, child custody investigations, or even investigate a close friend. No matter why you hire an investigator, the main reason (at least for most people) is to ensure that the people you love are safe and protected.

Business owners may want to hire a private investigator if they are concerned about an employee or they want to investigate misconduct. Experienced private investigators like us provide objective, unbiased information that you can trust.

Private investigators have the knowledge needed to uncover evidence to convince a court that an employee has been fired either rightly or that they were wronged.

Other reasons to hire a private investigator include infidelity investigations. Whether you’re suspicious about your spouse’s behavior or your their activities, a private investigator can help substantiate your suspicions with hard evidence. A top private investigator can also track down hidden assets or check up on a spouse’s finances.

It is worth noting that one in three small businesses will experience some theft. Most businesses will catch it when inventory control numbers begin to look out of whack, and that’s the best time to hire a PI. 

Our Private Investigators Would Love To Discuss Your Case!

The only way for you to know if a private investigator can help is to contact us. We are amongst some of the most seasoned professionals in Long Island and nearby Nassau County who can help you understand your case better.

Our consultation is mainly meant to discuss your case and get everything we need to start the investigation which may start as soon as the same day. 



Contact The Best Private Investigators on Long Island

Have a question about our private investigation services in Long Island? Then feel free to contact us today.

The first step for us to start working on your case is to study it. You can submit your case details online, and we can then schedule a consultation. Our private investigator assigned to your case will help discuss how they can help you achieve the desired outcome and what it will our private investigator cost.

We are also here to answer any questions you may have about our service or if you want to follow up on the progress of a case you have hired us to investigate.

Are you a Long Island resident and wondering, “how do I hire a private investigator on Long Island?” then all you need is to call McCall Risk Group. We are one of the best, if not the best private investigators in the state.

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