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McCall Risk Group

Long Island Private Investigation Services

Long Island Leading Private Investigation Firm

McCall Risk Group Inc. is a licensed private investigation and security firm with offices located in Manhattan and Long Island, New York. Our reputation is backed by over 10 years of exceptional service with a management team experienced in both the public and private sectors. Our main goal is to protect our clients and form a long-term bond where their safety, protection, and peace of mind are our #1 priority.

About Our Private Investigation Firm

McCall Risk Group Inc. provides protection services for dignitaries, celebrities, politicians, executives, VIPs, and their families in New York and around the globe. Our team is trained to resolve and neutralize all threats. Our operatives are experienced, physically fit, and skilled at their trade. Every client has different needs and we are flexible to be able to handle every situation. Depending on your needs we can provide armed and unarmed bodyguards and drivers 24 hours 7 days a week. As you go about your days and nights our agents are constantly assessing the environment, potential threats routes, and next steps. They are always discreet, close by and ready but not in your way. We also specialize in a wide array of Investigative services.

Our Private Investigation Services


The McCall Risk Group’s risk management experts provide forensic approaches to comply with the legal standards needed for criminal prosecutions, civil rehabilitation or administrative penalties. They provide proactive and reactive solutions.
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An event becomes successful only if it is secure, and people feel safe attending it. McCall Risk Group ensures its customers with the most authentic event security services. The integrity of critical assets, to optimize their guest experiences.
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Our trained and responsible staff members provide a customized strategy for the tour and specific venue security. The conditions for entry in meeting areas or VIP facilities are individual to each venue. All circumstances professionally.
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McCall Risk Group is a full service-confidential investigation company that offers its clients a wide range of investigative services. We offer private investigation services, including criminal history investigations, unsolved crime, financial analysis.
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Our trained professionals handle events and services for many types of businesses and institutions. Regardless of the event or situation, our experienced staff is there to provide you with all the necessary security.
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Our trained and responsible staff members provide a customized strategy for the tour and specific venue security. The conditions for entry in meeting areas or VIP facilities are individual to each venue. All circumstances professionally.
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Intellectual Property Rights, including patents, trademarks, design, trade secrets are often the most valuable asset of companies, but they can be hard to protect. At McCall Risk Group, we understand how crucial these valuable resources are.
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Our Fugitive recovery officers track and arrest fugitives that are fleeing to avoid court proceedings. Many of them have legal backgrounds, providing them with experience and expertise to secure bail jumpers. We work with Bailbondsman and Surety Companies.
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Theft investigations cover broad categories and many scenarios. We have a variety of the most modern and cutting edge tools available for a theft investigation. Each investigation is unique and can require a multifaceted approach.
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McCall Risk Group is an experienced agency that can solve investigations against counterfeit products and brand piracy. We are aware of the high cost of these issues and the possible loss of brand reputation.
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Our investigators are world-class, professional experts that consistently produce the required results. A corporate investigation can have many facets, which can vary greatly. Corporate analysis, for instance, can uncover whether an employee robs the company or expose bribery.
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Our Reviews

What makes us proud

I am pleased with the performance of the McCallrisk services staff assigned to our facilities. The management responds quickly to questions and needs. I would definitely recommend McCallrisk to others.
Educational Campus |NYC
Our company has used McCallrisk for many years. The guards are professional and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone needing a security service. Thanks for the excellent service.
John Smith
Property Management, Long Island, NYC
McCallrisk has been the security service at our property for the past 10 years. McCallrisk has provided the highest level of protection for the property. The employees of McCallrisk do a very good job.
P.S., Site Security Manager, Technology provider, NYC


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