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Leading Long Island Private Security Services 

Leading Private Security Services on Long Island

McCall Risk Group is comprised of a team of private security contractors located in Long Island, NY. We are one of the most trusted and reputed security services on Long Island. While the area is populated with many other private security services, there are many aspects that help us stand out from all the others.

Ex-military and law enforcement – In our experience, the best security people are those who have seen it all. That’s why we employ veterans of the police force, military, and other backgrounds. This allows us to provide high-quality security services that are second to none.

We provide a broad range of private security services on Long Island – McCall Risk Group offers a wide range of services, including parking lot patrol officers, doorkeepers, personal bodyguards, and other types of professionals to ensure the safety of your property. We can also customize the service to your needs something few security guard companies can do. 

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Why Hire Our Private Security Services on Long Island?

Trained to respond quickly and appropriately – As the leading security guard company on Long Island, our team of well-trained private security services is trained to respond appropriately to any situation. Our security officers spring into action at the first sign of trouble to prevent a potential crisis.

Well-priced security services – We ensure that all our armed and unarmed guards are competitively priced. However, this is done without compromising the quality of our service. It is worth understanding that highly trained bodyguards and security professionals aren’t cheap because they put their lives in danger to save yours. 

It is essential to understand that having proper private security helps mitigate potentially dangerous situations. Good security prevents thefts while mitigating other types of danger. 

Not having the proper security often means that you aren’t just risking yourself and your business, but that increased risk of violence and loss, means that there are insurance repercussions.

Here Are A Few More Reasons To Choose Us:

At McCall Risk Group, we have consistently invested in the best, most advanced security innovations. We make sure that every team member gets to take full advantage of the latest technology as needed, especially our unarmed security guards. The use of cutting-edge security technology may be expensive, but it helps proactively detect vulnerabilities and threats that are then addressed in time. Since most of our team members are former law enforcement officers they have what it takes to assess and address most issues in time. 

We deploy and use advanced technologies such as:

·      Using remote guarding

·      Artificial Intelligence to recognize patterns of suspicious behavior

·      Ultra HD Surveillance Cameras that help us capture faces with details which can then be used to apprehend the culprits

·      Visitor management systems

·      Biometric access control

·      License plate recognition technology

·      Intrusion detection

·      And RTG or Real-Time Guard Tour Verification

Long Island Based Security Company

Executive protection is part of McCall Risk Group’s private security services. Even though we are a private security company our security teams operate throughout Long Island working to protect high-net-worth individuals and their families, along with dignitaries, entertainers, and other high-profile individuals. 

Our team of bodyguards assigned executive protection duties are handpicked, vetted, and trained men and women with exemplary military and law enforcement backgrounds. Our executive protection professionals are well trained, possess excellent protection skills, and work discreetly. That’s one of the reasons why we are one of the leading Long Island security companies. 

In addition, our executive protection services are always available, even during weekends. We provide close protection and even secure transportation to our clients as and when needed. This is to ensure that they remain protected at all times with our security personnel near them keeping a watch.

We work with clients to develop and roll out a comprehensive Executive Protection plan customized to meet your needs. Our professionals will execute this safety plan while ensuring an elite level of close protection.

Our executive protection includes:

·      Advanced surveillance

·      Risk assessment of vulnerabilities and threats

·      Crisis management

·      Route planning

·      Security driving which includes evasive driving

·      Low profile executive protection (if required)

·      Crisis management planning and implementation

McCall Risk Group strives to work with clients to ensure that they receive the highest level of protection. Whether it is planning or execution, we work to ensure that you experience the least inconvenience possible as our team ensures your safety.

Have a question? Please feel free to call us for a consultation.

Security Guard Services and Private Security Long Island

Your security is a necessity. However, this basic necessity can sometimes only be met by hiring a team of professionals who know what they are doing. That’s where our security solutions come in. 

Whether it is protecting your place of business, home, your family, or yourself, we have talented individuals with years of experience who work hard to assure your safety.

Dozens of clients across Long Island and New York continue to work with us because they can trust our team to continue assuring their safety in the city and, if needed, outside it. Our flexibility is why we are one of the leading names in the security industry. 

Want to learn more about our private security services in Long Island? Maybe you want a quote for 24/7 surveillance or patrolling your place of business? Regardless, our team is here to answer your questions.

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