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Private Investigations Suffolk County

Leading Private Investigation Services Suffolk county

McCall Risk Group is Suffolk County, New York’s leading private investigator service for businesses and individuals. We are a licensed private investigator service with a team consisting of the most experienced investigators that have worked on a wide variety of cases.

Our private investigators work with clients to provide security assistance, surveillance, and investigation services across Suffolk County, NY. However, we also cover Nassau County and other nearby counties in the vicinity.

Contact us to learn more about our private investigations and detective services today. Our team will be more than happy to address any questions you may have or schedule a one-on-one with one of our private investigators.

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Why Hire A Private Investigator in Suffolk County?

A private investigator’s job is to conduct research, whether it is criminal offense background checks on a new employee or job applicant. We combine research and interviews to piece together the facts of a case which is then presented to our client. It may often entail conducting surveillance, interviewing witnesses, and gathering evidence to support our findings.

As seasoned New York state private investigators, we will use various methods to verify the information collected before being presented.

In some instances, we will also contact friends and family to find out where a subject is and other information. Depending on the case, we have the necessary experience and tools needed to follow a person and perform surveillance. Surveillance can be conducted on land, on a vehicle, or online. Regardless of where the surveillance takes place, it’s always undertaken by highly experienced professionals.

Why Choose Our Private Investigators in Suffolk, NY?

Over the years, McCall Risk Group has earned a reputation for being one of the leading licensed private investigators in the state. One reason for this has been our continued ability to provide clients with thorough and accurate information about the target in question. However, as a licensed private investigation team, we are bound by the law, which is why all investigations, despite being thorough, are carried out by remaining within the boundaries of local state and federal law.

Here are a few reasons why we continue to be the leading Long Island private investigation service in Suffolk County, NY:

We take an unbiased approach to every investigation – While we work on behalf of our clients, our team takes an impartial approach so that our findings aren’t’ skewed. This ensures that our clients get nothing but the facts, which is often the key to making the right decisions based on our findings.

An experienced Long Island private investigator – We have a team of seasoned PIs, many of whom have law enforcement, former military, former New York State department officials, and federal law enforcement backgrounds. Over the years, we conducted dozens of investigations across Suffolk County and beyond on behalf of businesses and individuals alike.

We conduct all types of investigations – Our experience allows us to perform a variety of investigations which criminal history investigations, unsolved crimes, missing persons, financial analysis, identity theft, surveillance, and everything in between. We understand that some investigations may require taking a slightly unconventional approach, which we do if required but remain within the law’s confines. Our goal as private detectives is to make sure that the evidence collected is if needed admissible in a court of law.

No investigation is impossible – Over the years, we’ve conducted some of the most challenging investigations. As professionals, we don’t turn down requests to investigate crimes or run background checks on individuals. In other words, we don’t consider any particular job too small or too big!

Excellent customer service – Whether you have never hired a private investigator before or are looking for one on retainer, our team will help by answering all your questions. Our investigative services pride themselves on providing a transparent service that’s obligated to answer our clients’ questions.

Do You Need To Hire A Private Investigator?

In a lawsuit, it’s difficult to collect evidence without assistance from an attorney, and hiring a private investigator can save you money while pursuing the case. Moreover, the materials we collect are more likely to be admissible in a court of law in missing persons, child custody, and various other cases.

Hiring a PI can also help pursue a business deal. If you’re planning to engage with a new business partner, double-check that person’s credentials and background before committing to a contract. As private investigators, we can conduct a background check and fully brief you before deciding.

Hiring a private investigation service like ours can also help you track down a criminal. Our investigator can also help you track someone who has stolen your identity or stolen something else of sentimental value. Having proof of the perpetrator’s identity and crime is invaluable as it can be used to get them convicted.

We can also help you confirm addresses, employment records, and criminal records. That way, you know who your potential employee or spouse is before they have the opportunity to damage your reputation or do damage to your finances.

Call us today for a free consultation.

Contact The Best Private Investigators in Suffolk County

Whether you are searching for “private investigators near me” or ones you can trust will maintain a degree of discretion, do not look any further than the team at McCall Risk Group.

Our team of private investigators in Suffolk County is dedicated to providing a highly skilled and professional service. We guarantee to provide nothing but the facts. In addition, we continue to work with law firms across New York State on a myriad of cases as well as individuals who may require professional investigative work with thorough due diligence.

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